Manny mortgage agent’s team of Toronto home equity loans experts is dedicated to helping clients in our community make better financial decisions and achieve financial freedom through professional strategies and the most competitive rates in the industry. Our vast network of over 300 private lenders and financial institutions enables us to offer unbeatable home equity loans and mortgage refinancing services. Our company helps many of those who do not qualify for loans at major financial institutions, and many of our clients have expressed gratitude through their testimonials. We take great joy in seeing our happy clients freed from financial hardship, and we are extremely proud to present some of the testimonials provided by our most valued customers.

"I have always been extremely responsible with money, which allowed me to live a comfortable life including, but not limited to, purchasing a nice property at an early age. However, after experiencing some health issues and ultimately being forced into an indefinite leave of absence, I found myself months behind on bills and was terrified that I would lose my home. I frantically searched for solutions, but consistently came up empty. Then one day, a google search produced Manny's website, so I figured i would give him a call... Manny answered that call, and within (literally) just a few days he had sorted out all of my urgent financial issues. He was responsive, understanding, professional, and most importantly, he reacted quickly and efficiently in terms of finding a mortgage solution. I can't thank him enough for being a shoulder to lean on, when things were not looking so good. In addition to resolving my mortgage requirements, he went WAY over and above his duties and actually found me a new job through a colleague of his. Needless to say, I would recommend him to anyone I know, and if you would like to speak with me for a more personal endorsement I would be happy to provide that. Thank you again Manny!"

Akber F., Toronto

"Hi Manny, we contacted you when we were under tremendous pressure and time was running out on us. In fact, our closing date was less than a week away. We thought we have lost the newly built property and the down payment. My wife and I very much appreciated your help on getting the mortgage in a such short period of time. I can not find a word to thank you for your amazing service. It was a miracle we came across your name. You definitely exceeded everyone expectation. We are so impressed by your hard work, thoroughness and confidence. It was a great pleasure working with you. We will not only looking forward to work with you in future but also we will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a mortgage."

Ali and Zari B., Toronto

"Mr. Johar, Working with you in securing funds to pay off existing mortgagors who were proving to be very unethical gave me the piece of mind to focus on the sale of my property. You were extremely competent in getting the funds necessary for paying off the existing mortgage. This was done in courteous manner and with good rates. I am sincerely grateful to you for allowing me to focus on the sale of the cumbersome property. Thank you for securing the necessary funds at an acceptable rate. "

Linda C., Toronto

"I can't even begin to explain how much Manny helped me. Right from the first conversation to our last, he was fantastic. He answered all my questions and assured me that he would take care of everything. I just had to sit back and relax. He made that possible for me. He helped me when no one else would and assured me he would get the job done. I was his main focus and he proved that through and through. I would definitely recommend Manny. His professionalism is solid. Thank you so much Manny. You were my rock when I felt the walls closing in. You never made me feel like I was just a client….you made me feel important and a priority. Thank you."

Grace O., Bowmanville

"A simple thank you is not enough to show our appreciation and gratitude for helping us to obtain our home. You were honest and upfront with us , always looking after our best interests. You do care about people and know how to help them. We will certainly refer you to friends and family. Thank you again."

Kostas & Bessie P., Alliston

"Hello Manny, All I can say is that your help and understanding is something that Bonnie and I will never forget. We were in situation that cam best described as being between a rock and a hard place. We would have lost everything that we both worked so hard for. Your actions and hard work took a heavy weight off our shoulders. I am sure that other people have told you the same. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If we hear of anybody in the same situation we both would recommend your services and to contact you to get out of the hole they gotten into."

Paul & Bonnie F., Beeton

"Hi Manny, I can't thank you enough for your lightning fast assistance and must say that the fantastic mortgage solution you provided us with greatly exceeded our expectations. The fact that you were not only able to get us out of our 1st bank mortgage but also our 2nd mortgage with Private lender in such a timely and professional manner at a greatly reduced rate was phenomenal...especially considering the fact that you were able to close the financing on the very last day of our 2nd mortgage renewal date within 2 days of us meeting you in person. Had you not come up with such a timely and appreciated solution due to our bank deciding to notify us at the last possible moment that they weren't focused on refinancing's now...we would've been left with no choice but to renew with Private lender at a greatly inflated interest rate. So with all that said we can't recommend you enough Manny and feel beyond fortunate to have found you and your amazing mortgage solution when we did. You sir are a superstar and anyone who finds you and your stellar mortgage solutions is blessed."

Doug & Delores O., Barrie

"Dear Manny, Our experience with you was very positive. You can't imagine the stress we have been under for the past many months. You were able to give us our lives back. Allow us to sleep soundly at night finally. I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for us. We were able to catch up on all our overdue bills. We feel free finally and able to breathe. You are an angel. You instilled hope of better future for us. I am finally smiling more knowing I can freely help my kids with the things they need.You made the business transaction as seamless and smooth as possible to us. The timely manner in which it was finalized was amazing. You never once made us feel inadequate. You showed us both complete respect. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.You are God sent.Take care"

Diana and Tony T., Bolton

"Thank you so much Manny for the excellent mortgage service experience you have provided. Was a wonderful experience working with you, you explained all the details clearly and answered all our questions. Your focus on this transaction to completion with ease and attention to get this finalized as soon as possible was very appreciated. We feel very fortunate to have found you, and will definitely refer you to those interested in obtaining a mortgage. Sincerely."

Dana & Zdenek S., Toronto

"I still can't believe it ,BUT its true. Everything Manny said from the very 1st phone call to receiving the funds, Manny said this is what will happen and it did. and FAST TOO. I read all the reviews (all 7 pages, probably more now) BUT my situation was different .or at least that's what I thought. HE DID IT , I don't know how but he did it AND he was above board all the way. I call him my Angel (and I'm not the first) .My wife told me 'make one phone call see what he has to say, (best advise she ever gave me) sent an e-mail 5 minutes he call me, and told me what we are going to do it, HOW we are going to do it and you will see results in a set amount of time ( for us 1 week and Manny actually apologized for taking an extra day BUT it was OUR fault.) SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE AND DO WHAT HE SAYS, that is the key. My wife and I haven't felt this 'relieve' in over 2 years, we answer the phones now (you know what I'm talking about ) we are now making plans for the future and even talking realistically about a vacation to a very warm Island, something we never even talked about. Whoever reads this I hope that you can experience what Manny has done for us and our family....Thank you Manny, a true friend (quick note; Have funds, Manny is finished with my file, and I'm still waiting for another agent to get back to us, spoke to him just before my 1st talk with Manny, that Agent is supposed to get back this week LOL can't wait to tell him when he calls back, I DON'T NEED YOU , we are back to normal lol)"

Stephen and Miriam R., Oshawa

"As usual Manny has exceeded my expectations the second time around. Even in a difficult situation Manny has been able to get me what I needed in a prompt time. Manny does an excellent job of guiding you through the entire process and for someone like myself who is not fully educated on refinancing and second mortgages, Manny goes into detail to explain to you exactly what you're signing up for. Manny will forever be my go-to-guy for all my mortgage needs."

Tanishia A., Scarborough

"Manny, where we have given up and lost faith in mortgage brokers, you have managed to help us when in dire need. I had saved the newspaper clipping of your ad and just set it aside, tucked away. Occasionally I would retrieve the ad, scour at it and then tuck it back into place but somehow, I could never let it go, could never throw it out. It was like a little voice in my head kept yelling at me saying "call this broker, what do you have to lose?". So 6months+ later, I finally break and call the number. I was quite short and curt with you initially but this was based from my prior experience with brokers/banks where false hope is given. Even though it financially made sense to consolidate, it made better sense to them to leave my current situation as is based on protocol. My situation was unique and remains unique but that didn't stop you from helping and you were able to work with it. You have really helped our situation and put is back in the comfortable zone again. You are the epitome of amazing customer service, go above and beyond! My hair has grown back :-) and we still owe you that Chourizo! What have I learned? I should've called Manny first!! My message to those who need help, don't delay and don't be skeptical! You will only receive honesty from Manny. Once again, THANK YOU!!!"

Sandra & Carlos P., Dufferin

"Manny... Just saying thank you doesn't do justice to how I feel about the experience of working with you again, however, it's the right place to begin. To start off, I would like to say that you have exceeded my expectations...not only about the outcome but throughout the whole process. A number of things come to mind...so here they are in no particular order: 1. Professionalism – I admire how you show the utmost respect for the client. As you well now my financial situation was not in the best of shapes (and I am accountable for my own mistakes/missteps), however you never "preached" about the past. That goes a long way in enhancing my level of comfort in dealing with you because we both realize that the past cannot be changed and the focus needs to be on the present and the desired outcome. 2. Trust – there wasn't one instance where I felt trust was an issue. Because we both respected each other, it went a long way in building trust. 3. Delivery on commitment – you always went beyond your commitment and delivered on what you believed was doable...and what couldn't be done, you were open and honest about (this also contributed to building trust). 4. Friendly/approachable – what else can I say...time and again, not matter when I needed to talk/ask questions, you made yourself available (and always with a smile). Some people don't realize that even when talking on the phone, it's not that difficult to sense if the person at the other end is smiling or not. 5. Customer first – no ifs or buts about it. You not only talk it, you live it. Again, thank you may not do justice, however it's two words that say so much. Best regards."

George R., Brampton

"Manny is as his add says a true mortgage superstar. Rite from the first encounter he made me feel at ease and went through options and advised me of the best option given my situation and he delivered . Not only did he meet my expectations , he surpassed them. I cannot thank him enough for the professionalism and compassion he showed during this process."

Denise C., Orangeville

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